Covington Quest 2014

"Taking a pause to refresh"

Contact Jane Anderson at 859.547.5542
for more information

   This enjoyable yet audacious event has been happening for whoa! -    Seven years now! Quest has a devoted following of participants,    volunteers, trivia buffs and spectators like yourself. At CGN, we are    proud that Quest has become a signature event for Covington and we    are proud to be a part of Covington’s Bicentennial.

   In celebrating Covington’s 200th Birthday, we plan to pull out all the    stops for the Bicentennial Quest in June of 2015.

   With this said, Quest 2014 will encourage more participation in 2015 by    hosting many Quest related events in 2014 and 2015 leading up to    Quest 2015. Still a crazy clues, game based event, minus the really fast    walking, (aka running the streets) a multiple venue, more practiced,    more laid back attitude…ha!

   In this effort to expose lots of folks to the crazy fun that is Quest; we    will be offering Covington Quest trivia/mini challenge events, complete    with prizes for the winners, and maybe some for the losers.

   We’ve developed a Covington accented trivia game.* To be played at    area bars, coffee shops, neighborhood/ business meetings and of    course we’ll be at RoeblingFest 2014 with an expanded game.